Circles in the Sand

by Luis Lima 07/11/2019

If you have explored the Oregon Coast before you more than likely have frequented Cannon Beach area or may have enjoyed Haystack Rock. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is always a fun and tasty excursion. All along the Oregon Coast, you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious fresh seafood. Families can find plenty of activities to build those family memories. Kite flying, saltwater taffy, sand castle building, and trail hiking are available up and down the Oregon coastline. If you want to find something a bit off the beaten path, you have quite a few options. 

A little bit of history

Find one of those more unique experiences in the town of Bandon, Oregon. Just over four hours southwest of Portland Oregon, Bandon was established in 1873 by a George Bennett and his two sons. Named after Bennett's hometown, the original Bandon hails from Ireland. Soon the town started making cheese, growing cranberries, and operating a sawmill. Today’s economy is much the same composition of timber, fishing, and agriculture, especially cranberries. Bandon supplies all most all of the cranberries for the state of Oregon. It is home to Face Rock Creamery and Bandon Dunes Golf Course. 

Circles in the sand

Along with agriculture and timber, tourism contributes to the town's economy. The smooth, hard-packed sand beaches are lovely for long walks with the entire family including the dog. Since 2011 a local artist Denny Dyke has been creating custom sand art labyrinths and encouraging public participation. Taking advantage of the low tides he and a crew of volunteers use various types of simple tools to provide creative circular paths for participants to walk through. Every dreamscape is spontaneously designed at the time of its creation and lasts only for a few hours. Denny hopes that people will take the time to slow down and meditate while they walk the paths and leave their worries in the center and depart more joyful. Although these creations are not true labyrinth by strict definition since they have several entrances and exits to accommodate the large number of tourists and locals who enjoy walking the sandscape paths. Once the tide comes back in, the one-of-a-kind walking experience washes away. 

Whether you are exploring a new place to live or exploring your neighborhood, your local real estate professional can point out what makes the place unique.

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